1095-B Changes

Form 1095-B is used to report certain information to the IRS and to taxpayers about individuals who are covered by minimum essential coverage.  Taxpayers are not required to include Form 1095-B with their tax return.  However, health insurers are required to make the form available to members for their records.


The IRS made changes to the Form 1095-B process, effective 12/2/2019.  Insurers, such as Excellus and MVP, are no longer required to mail these forms out to members, providing they have alternate options for members to obtain the Form.


Excellus will be following the new process and will not mail them out.  Below is some additional information from Excellus on this change.


If members want a copy of their Form 1095-B for their records, Excellus is providing members with four different ways in which to obtain it:

  • Download or Print – This is the fastest and most secure way to obtain it through their ExcellusBCBS.com member sign on. Only the main subscriber on the policy can access the form this way, as it is not available via the spouse or dependent log on.
  • Request via Secure Email – Excellus will email the member their Form 1095-B within 30 days if the member submits the request through secure email contact, found by clicking Contact Us (https://www.excellusbcbs.com/contact).
  • Call – For more information regarding how to obtain a Form 1095-B by phone, call Excellus at (877) 889-7182.
  • Request via Postal Mail – Excellus will mail the member their 1095-B within 30 days if the member submits the request via postal mail.  The member must indicate in the letter that they are requesting their 2019 Form 1095-B and mail it to their provided address.


More information can be found at: